Step 1: Ideation to Cut

Want to make something but do not know how to start? Not sure how to convert your idea into something that can be built with WAZER cut parts? Build your ideation to design toolbox by educating yourself on 2D CAD design and cut file preparation.

Step 2: Guided Projects

Select a project to be guided through all of the details required to cut this project with the WAZER. You're guaranteed to pick up confidence and valuable tips and tricks for your custom WAZER cut endeavors in the future. Cut-ready WAM G-codes and customizable design files are all free to download!

Step 3: Finishing

Want to have your project stand out? Looking for new ways to finish your WAZER cut parts? Check out some of our post-processing and finishing tutorials here.

Technical Support

WAZER Customer Support is here to help. If you need help with your WAZER, please get in touch with Customer Support.