WAZER Workshop information kit

WAZER Posters

Print out and post these posters around your WAZER machine to encourage and remind users of good practices and warnings:

    • WAZER General Warning Poster
    • WAZER Warning Label Poster
    • WAZER Cut Checklist Poster
    • WAZER Maintenance Checklist Poster
    • WAZER Medical information poster

WAZER Safety Pamphlet

Looking to train and onboard a small group of individuals to use the WAZER? Look through the condensed safety Pamphlet as a guide.

    • Safety Pamphlet

WAZER Questionnaire

Want to make sure all WAZER users know the fundamental safety protocol? Check out the questionnaire below. You can use the first page as test, and the subsequent two pages as explanations.

    • Questionnaire

WAZER Checklists

Too many people in the workshop and had trouble keep track of machine activities? Check out the checklists below, they will help you to assign duties and plan out maintenance.

    • Clean, Maintain and Inspection checklists