Oil Kit

Your WAZER will ship with an Oil Kit to do an initial oil change after the first 50 hours of use. After that, we recommend changing your oil every 300 hours. These oil changes aren’t done because of the degradation of the oil, but because of the impurities that will find their way into the oil over time. These impurities will result in premature wear if allowed to stay in the oil for extensive periods of time (>300hours). The kit includes everything you need to quickly change the oil and get back cutting in a few minutes.

Detailed instructions on changing you oil can be found here:

Maintenance & Procedures - Pump Box Oil Change

Regular price $20

"Having a 90-degree handle off on the gimbal makes it so much more comfortable to use at all angles. The additional stability is great and being able to make low-slung shots is super cool! Thank you to the team at WAZER for sending me that desktop waterjet cutter. It will really allow us to cut things that we were never able to before."

-Bob Clagett