Ideation to Cut

2D Subtractive Fabrication Background

In this section we shall cover some background information of the 2D Subtractive Fabrication system, the keywords used in water jet industries and how WAZER cut sequence takes place

Material Preparation

Not all materials responds to the water jet cutting in the same way. Check in here for articles on how different materials behaves in WAZER, and how to make custom material library.

Design Programs and WAM Operation

We all have the design tools we like and accustomed to, but how to convert our design into a cut file WAZER can understand? Check in here to learn how to prepare cut files that WAZER can execute for us.

Machine Preparation

WAZER is a machine that coordinate multiple subsystems to achieve the cutting. It is always easier and safer to check subsystems before cutting starts, than address the problems during the cutting. Check this section for in-depth breakdown of the subsystems, machine menu explanation and recommended pre-checks.

Tips and Tricks

We all like to see design software, machine and materials work with us during a cut job. However, there are times we need to employ some tricks to make sure all three players cooperate with each other. Check in here for a ever expanding collection of tip and tricks.

Technical Support

WAZER Customer Support is here to help. If you need help with your WAZER, please get in touch with Customer Support.